Clear the Shelters, Give a Homeless Pet a Forever Home

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If you are looking for a pet, today is your day! and NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations are sponsoring Clear the Shelters – a nationwide pet adoption drive going on today August 15, 2015, to help clear animal shelters across the nation.


Even though many of the participating shelters depend on adoption fees for funding, today, they are waiving these fees in the hopes to find many of their animals forever homes. Adoption event such as these help animal organizations find relief from shelter overcrowding and also helps them eliminate the need to turn animals away.

To find participating shelters, share for available pets in your area here. Those interested in adopting a furry friend will still be required to fill adoption applications and might be subject to home checks.

Join thousands, and save a life today.

19 thoughts on “Clear the Shelters, Give a Homeless Pet a Forever Home”

  1. Yeah right! I tried to adopt a black German Shepard from a rescue.Let me tell ya now.People that run these rescues have no interest in the welfare of the dog as much as they want to fill up there pockets with cash.
    Its complete bs to have to fill out an adoption form.I can adopt a whole family from China easier than I can get a dog!
    I don’t donate diddly squat to rescues.I think they are a complete sham..They probably get tax exempt status from the IRS.
    Botton line is just simply go to a breeder and buy a dog.


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