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Community Comes Together to Save Stabbed Stray

by Katherine

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A stray dog from San Martín de Porres, Peru, might not have a home or a human, but the female stray does know the meaning of loyalty. That loyalty to the community she lives in almost got her killed, but at the same time, it was the dog’s display of affection and courage for her neighbors what saved her.

On Sept. 28, 2015, Vaca and her daughter were sleeping on the streets as usual when they witnessed two thieves trying to break into a home. Immediately, the courageous dog started barking and alerted the home owners and neighbors, but before the criminals fled they stabbed and injured the stray.

Photo credit: Gerardo Reyna RPP Noticias/
Photo credit: Gerardo Reyna RPP Noticias/

The dog had large lacerations across her head, ear and neck, and when community members realized the loyal community dog was injured they rushed to her side.

They tried stopping the bleeding by putting pressure on her wounds, but knew the dog needed medical attention. As residents’ concerns for the dog’s well being grew, so did their willingness to help her.

Vaca was rushed to Santa Rosa, a veterinary clinic ,where medical staff worked to stop the bleeding and patched her wounds. The dog required 40 stitches and veterinarians said that even though the cuts were superficial, the pet lost so much blood she became anemic. The good news is they expect Vaca to make a full recovery.

According to RPP News, a local resident named Olga stepped up to foster Vaca and her daughter Canela until both dogs are healthy enough to move to a forever home. The neighborhood has come together with donations to pay all medical costs and fully vet the dogs.

Rescuers hope to find forever homes within the community for these two dogs. After Vaca risked her life to alert her neighbors, the last thing rescuer want is to put the heroic dog and her pooch back on the streets.