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Community Digs and Saves Homeless Man’s Dog

by Katherine

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On Nov. 3, 2015, Charlie Griffith’s dog named Brooklyn chased a wombat and got stuck deep into a hole that led to the interconnected and intricate channels wombats make. Griffith called authorities for help and a large rescue unit worked to rescue the dog for three days, but after coming up empty-handed they declared the dog dead, and called off the rescue mission. However, local animal lovers following the story didn’t give up, and long after authorities pulled out of the rescue, they dug up and saved the dog.


Photo credit: The Daily Telegraph
Photo credit: The Daily Telegraph


According to the Daily Telegraph, Griffith is homeless and lives out of a tent in the Nowra showgrounds near Sydney. Not too far from the campgrounds, in the Bens Walk bush track, Brooklyn got trapped.

Authorities who responded to the homeless man’s emergency included local firefighters, an ambulance, wildlife rescue and the police. Among the equipment used to save the dog were shovels, crowbars, jackhammers and a $30,000 fiber optic camera, but even with all that equipment, professional rescuers weren’t unable to save Brooklyn. After spending approximately $70k in manpower authorities decided to stop all attempts to rescue the dog.

For three days Griffith witnessed how his dog’s barks got weaker and weaker, and by Friday there were no more barks. Everyone thought the dog had died, but local animal lovers didn’t want to give up.


Photo credit: The Daily Telegraph
Photo credit: The Daily Telegraph


When authorities left, local residents took turns digging until Brooklyn was located and saved. Other community members showed their support with food and water. A PVC pipe inserted into one of the holes was key into locating the pet, thanks to that and the pet owner calling out his dog’s name Brooklyn barked back.

Fueled by pure excitement and hope, the animal lovers continued to search for Brooklyn and at 10:45 p.m., Brooklyn was pulled from underground and reunited with her owner.

Tears of joy flowed down everyone’s faces. Brooklyn was taken to a veterinarian where she was kept for observation. She was weak and dehydrated but overall in good health. The dog was later released to her grateful owner.

Watch the video of the dog’s rescue here.