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Community Helps Find New Resident’s Loved Dog

by Katherine

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Maya, the rescued dog.
Maya, the rescued dog.

Last month, Maya, a 4 ½-year-old mixed-breed dog, was out on a walk with one of her owner’s friends in Amesbury, Mass., when they were involved in an accident. The dog and the walker were crossing the intersection of Main and Friend streets, when a speeding car hit Maya’s walker, spooking the dog, and making her slip her collar. Maya took off running and got lost.

Caitlin Flanagan, Maya’s owner, had recently moved to town and was still getting familiarized with the new neighborhood when the accident happened. As expected, Flanagan was devastated when she learned her friend got hurt and her beloved dog lost.

Maya was rescued from the Dominican Republic four years ago. Since then she has been easily scared by loud noises, and the thought of Maya being alone and fending for herself in an unfamiliar environment was just unbearable for Flanagan.

Maya and her owner Caitlin Flanagan
Maya and her owner Caitlin Flanagan

Wasting no time, Flanagan, friends, and family members, searched for the lost dog. For many days they posted fliers across town, made a police report, talked to people, and relied on social media to help find bring Maya home. The Amesbury community was also involved in the search.

The support from this town has been overwhelming,” Flanagan told Newburyport News. “Strangers have been calling telling me that they’ve been going out looking for her. I’m new to this town and it’s very endearing, and it gives me hope that we will get her back home.”

Eleven days after getting lost, Maya was found underneath a house porch and reunited with her grateful owner.

Maya was found by the owners of the house when they got back from vacation. With the use of social media, the finders were able to connect Maya with Flannigan when they stumbled upon the Facebook page the Flanagan family had created.

Maya was a few pounds lighter when found. She had some scrapes and was very tired from running alone in town, but overall, she was in good health.

Flanagan is amazed at how this dog-friendly community pulled together to help the town’s new resident reunite with her pet. Flanagan and Maya thank the police and community for all the work they did to help bring Maya home. If it wasn’t for them and their support Maya would had never been found.