Community rallies to protect homeless dog

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A caring community has rallied to save and protect a homeless dog that has been named “Roadie”.  The dog, thought to be a pit bull was abandoned in a field in Hemet, California last August and has been alone since.  Even though Roadie won’t let people get close, locals have taken a liking to her and have gone out of their way to care for the timid dog.

Hemet resident Shannon Ortiz says “She’s like everybody’s dog.”  To date, two dog houses have been built for Roadie, and blankets, toys, food and water are being dropped off by concerned animal lovers.  “They just look at her and feel sorry for her,” Ortiz said. “You feel bad for her because she was abandoned. I know so much more is going on in this town, but we all want to rush over there and help her.”

Roadie is too timid to even go into the dog houses, and attempts by animal control to capture her have been unsuccessful.  Someone even started a Facebook Page called SaveOurRoadie to enlist help to save the lonely pup.  A post on the page says “Roadie is in desperate need of our help…we cannot allow this pup to continue to wander at risk of harm from humans and the elements!”

This plea is also posted on the Facebook page, “She is very timid, and won’t let anyone within about 50 feet without getting very nervous, but never aggressive, if anyone has any ideas, or connections on someone who can help capture Roadie (without hurting her) please, share them!! Let’s do everything we can to try and give this pup the good life she deserves.”   It is wonderful to see a community rally around a pet in need, and hopefully soon their efforts will pay off and Roadie will have a family and a safe place to call home.

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  1. Do what Tia Torres did when she captured that bully from the open field next to a very busy highway. Took a lot of patience but they soon got her, same kind of situation like this. The dog was petrified by humans, it had a happy ending the dog ended up being a great pet and was adopted

  2. I’ve been to Hemet – saw nothing to suggest a whole community of angels was living there. If I’d known, paid more attention, I might have stopped my wonderings a long time ago. Bless you all.

  3. There had been a German Shepherd on the loose for about 4 months and she too was very fearful of people. Animal control tried unsuccessfully to rescue her numerous times. While at the park I spotted her, knowing she would not let anyone approach her without running, I tried to think like a dog would think. I sat down in the grass for quite a long time, it seemed like an eternity; I was on her level, and avoided eye contact. I just waited and waited. Finally after what seemed forever she began to slowly approach me, I think mainly out of curiosity, I still made no eye contact and very little movement. Slowly she approached me, I offered her a treat and she gently took it from me. I knew she was beginning to trust me, then like a miracle she let me pet her, I ever so gently slipped on the lease, she made no attempts at resistance and that’s how I rescued Sadie. I’m not saying this will work with every pup but it worked for me. I hope with all my heart Roadie will be saved to find his furever home that he so deserves.

  4. Eldad Hagar of Bill Foundation is attempting to get ahold of you to help rescue Roadie. He is an amazing hero for dogs who have been abandoned. He has a gift with them so please contact him via Facebook @ Eldad Hagar or Bill Foundation or Hope for Paws. He CAN definitely get her and find her a forever home where she’ll be loved and cared for.


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