Community Rallies to Save Dog Abused by Drug Addict

by Katherine

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Nerón is a stray dog loved by many. No one knows who his original owner is or where he lived before arriving to San Martín de Porres, Peru, in 2014, but since his arrival that year, locals welcomed him and made sure he had food, water, and a good place to spend each night. Sadly, on August 2015, the community dog was the victim of a brutal attack at the hands of a drug addict. The pet almost lost his life when he was beaten with a baseball bat. He survived, but was left paralyzed and in excruciating pain.

Nerón after his surgery. Photo credit: ElPopular.pe
Nerón after his surgery. Photo credit: ElPopular.pe



Miriam Guerra, one of Nerón’s caretakers stepped up to claim ownership of the dog after the abuse took place. With the help of other neighbors the dog was transported to a local vet where he received medical assistance, but the injuries were so extreme the dog needed a specialized surgeon to fix the spine injury, and enough funds to cover the costly operation.

Not having enough resources to help Nerón, the new pet owners took the dog back to their neighborhood where they would continue to care for the pet and try to find a solution. To them, what the dog needed was a miracle.

A month after the abuse, the community contacted Veterinarian Pancho Cavero who has an animal rescue TV show. Dr. Vet, as he is locally known, met with Nerón and community members, he ran preliminary exams and hoped to fix the spine injury, giving Nerón a chance to walk on all four legs again.

Unfortunately, when the dog was at the operating table Dr. Vet discovered the spine injury was irreversible. All he could do was release the tension on the dog’s back and stop the chronic pain.

Even though the community stray was not able to walk again on all fours, he was fitted with a specialized cart that helps him roll down his neighborhood streets.

Nerón is no longer suffering from pain, he has a loving owner and continues to be cared for and pampered by many members of his community.

As for the animal abuser, his crime went unpunished, but since then Peru passed new legislation where stricter animal abuse laws are being enforced.