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Community Searching for Lost Dog for Over Two Months


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houdiniFor over two months now a dog named Houdini has been missing in Alexandria, Virginia. The community has come together to try to bring the dog safely home. He has been  spotted almost every week since he has gone missing, but no one has been able to capture him.

Houdini is an Australian shepherd that is easy to identify by his distinct markings. He is reddish-brown and has no tail. He went missing in Alexandria, Virginia on September 11th.  Houdini is from a farm in New Jersey and had been visiting a Virginia family was considering adopting him when he slipped out a door.

In the two months since he escaped he has been seen regularly around the Alexandria, Virginia. A dedicated group of volunteers have been helping search for him. They have set up a Facebook page to keep people updated on sightings and information and they are hopeful that they can bring Houdini home safely.

“This was an innocent situation. It could happen to anyone,” said volunteer Lisa Friel. “We have about 45 people on the committee to search and everyone is invited to help out. When we get a sighting we drop everything and try to get there.”

A big part of the problem is Houdini is not used to the city and is obviously scared. When people try to approach him he runs. They search committee asks anyone who spots Houdini to snap a picture and call them immediately, but don’t try to catch or chase him yourself. The number to call is (609) 805-1413 or (703) 618-1998.

For more information visit the search committee’s Facebook page.