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“Cones Of Fame!” Artist Helps Healing Dogs Find Homes!

by Amy Drew

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For every funny shot wherein someone turns their dog’s medically necessary E-collar (often comically referred to as the “cone of shame”) into a funny martini costume, countless others are overlooked at shelters, simply for having to don them in post-spay and -neuter situations.

At One Tail at a Time, the Chicago shelter where art student Erin Einbender had been volunteering, she noticed that the dogs wearing the collars (don’t forget, they have to get “fixed” before they can be adopted!) were getting passed over more often than others. Not surprisingly, they often looked sad while wearing them.

image 96
Artfully adopted: All of Einbender’s subjects have since been adopted, but she’s got her eye on expanding this project to other shelter pets waiting for their forever homes.


And so Einbender came up with an idea for her school photo project….

image 95
Erin’s artistic handiwork seems to work magic, transforming the oft-mopey look of cone-wearing dogs into smiles that are full of personality!


She decided to pretty up the cones with art and named her project “Cones of Fame.”

“The cones are meant to empower the pups (instead of shaming them) and to educate people on the importance of spaying/neutering,” Einbender wrote on her Facebook page.

All the dogs who participated in her project were adopted — and now Einbender hopes to work with other animal shelters to do the same for their cone-wearing canines!