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Corgi Was Labeled “Too Crazy.” Now, She’s A Therapy Dog.

by Amy Drew

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Hard to believe this snuggle bug was called a wild child! Photo: The Stumpy Brigade


Four families in two years.
But now she has a permanent home.

Toffee is a breeder-born Cardigan Welsh corgi whose owners took her home as soon as she was old enough. Sadly, they ended up returning her for being too “crazy, stubborn and out of control,” according to her current family. And before she made it there, she had two others that returned her for much the same reasoning.

Those who know her wonder how anyone could return such a sweetie, but that they did and she ended up in the care of Corgis & Critters Rescue in Kilgore, TX. That was her last stop before finally finding that special forever family.

And they came all the way from the east coast to get her.

Xin and her husband already had two dogs when they adopted Toffee and were surprised to hear that her previous owners found her “out of control.”

“We still don’t know why she would have been returned ever, let alone three times,” Xin told The Dodo. “She is by far the best behaved of all of our dogs.”

They are a crew known on Instagram as the Stumpy Brigade (we think you can see why)!

Toffee and her dog siblings! Photo: The Stumpy Brigade


Toffee, says her parents, plays the role of the beta among her rescue siblings, but secretly she’s full of sass, and could lead the pack if she really wanted to.

“We call her the Shadow Queen because we are pretty sure she would boss everyone around if she could,” Xin said. “While our other dogs are scared of New York City because of the noise and smell, Toffee has no problem going to the city and is that dog that poops in the middle of the street while the traffic light is about to turn green. She’s done it three times. It can’t be all coincidence.”

Toffee’s large family includes three dogs (Mocha, Chai and Peppermint) and two cats (Chi and Miso). They all get along but Toffee and Peppermint, a husky/corgi mix, are especially close as they were adopted just two weeks apart.

“They’re pretty much glued together,” Xin said.

People still find it surprising that Toffee was returned three times, because everyone finds her to be quite chill. She loves to cuddle more than anything else.

Toffee now visits schools and nursing homes and other places, giving comfort, support and love. Photo: The Stumpy Brigade


“Her favorite place in the house is on the couch surrounded with blankets and her head resting on the couch arm,” Xin said.

Due to her confident yet calm demeanor, Toffee’s parents decided to have her trained as a therapy animal. Toffee now visits libraries, airports and nursing homes to comfort those who need support. No one who meets her ever suspects that she was once considered “too wild.”