Special Breed is Russia’s Secret Weapon Against Terrorism

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Terror attacks around the globe are being prevented every month thanks to furry security experts with sharp senses for detecting explosives and weapons.

Man’s four-legged friends can be found on the front line in the fight against terror, and a Russian airport has deployed a special breed of bomb sniffing dogs. Their handlers say the husky/jackal mix is perfectly suited for the job: husky genetics allow for extended periods of work in cold temperatures, and the jackal is known for having one of the most powerful sniffers in the dog world.

A demonstration proves the effectiveness of the program when plastic explosives are planted in a briefcase: scouring the crowds for contraband, a detector dog locks on to the target in a matter of minutes.

2 thoughts on “Special Breed is Russia’s Secret Weapon Against Terrorism”

  1. How sad that, even though fed, that they have to live in cages with metal bottoms and no straw or bedding.

  2. They ought to have MUCH better homes. The trainers, if they want a real bond, ought to be assigned to take the dog with them home or, better yet, mostly everywhere like a service dog to ensure the tight relationship for training. At least they ought to have a large yard to run and socialize and just be dogs when they aren’t working. Animals are NOT machines nor tools, they need comfort, friends and a life beyond cage, orders and and work.


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