County Launches Investigation into Crosby Dog Massacre

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The report of a mass dumping site in Crosby, Texas has prompted a multi-agency investigation, and area residents are urged to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Discovered on a stretch of riverbank near highway 90 is a gruesome scene: bodies line the San Jacinto river in various stages of decay. Killed by crude means, some stuffed in plastic bags, the dead are too numerous to count in one pass. Whether dumped and left to die or terminated on the spot, these victims of cruelty may not live to see justice, but a local prosecutor says she is determined to put a stop to the killings before more innocent dogs end up dead.

Harris County District Attorney Belinda Smith’s office has launched an investigation, and both PETA and the SPCA have local representatives on the case to try to get to the bottom of what’s being called the Crosby Puppy Massacre. Harris reminds concerned citizens that it’s up to the public to make authorities aware of cruelty cases, and she asks those living near the crime scene to be alert to any suspicious activity in the area.

Anyone with information regarding the killing or abandonment of dogs in the area is urged to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office 713-221-6000.

2 thoughts on “County Launches Investigation into Crosby Dog Massacre”

  1. Good luck to you! I know there are a whole lot of people in Texas who are animals lovers and they will not stand for this.

  2. I doubt that the killers/dumpers will actually be prosecuted even if located. Remember that Texas is the center of the known universe for vast numbers of cases for animal abuse and 9 times out of 10 when the perps are caught they get some slimebag lawyer usually court appointed at tax payer expense who plea bargains them out.

    Other countries are no better. Remember the sled dog massacre, the Whistler dog sled tours employee told by his extremely wealthy boss to kill off the dogs because profits were down so he slaughtered horribly at least 50 dogs and dumped them in a mass grave, even his kid’s own dog, even his own dog, then he had the nerve to claim disability for the emotional trauma of his own actions in killing the dogs. He NEVER was prosecuted and the investigation finished late last year and the acts were committed the year before that. He skated. Just like animal abusers in the US do, every day for the most heinous crimes.

    There was a similar mass dog killing/mass graves in South Carolina last year and who did it?It was determined that it was the shelter workers who just took dog after dog across the street from the shelter into a field and started beating them to death. Were they ever prosecuted? No – and not only that, they kept their jobs even though it was determined in the investigation that they had bludgeoned the dogs to death instead of humanely euthanizing them because they were repackaging and reselling the euthanasia serum as a street drug, and the guy in charge of the euthanasia drugs at the shelter also happened to be an ex con who had served time for dealing and using.

    There is no justice for animals. I am wary of some of the activists like PETA and HSUS because they seem to have an agenda that doesn’t seem quite right to me and they have done some bad things to animals themselves as reported elsewhere. But they do have a way of getting to the root of animal crimes, I’ll say that about ’em. Maybe some of their people can find the ones who did this Texas puppy massacre and then jump up n down and holler so loud and long in the media that some lazy uncaring judge will have to sit up and take notice and levy severe punishment on the ones who did this crime. But I’m not takin any bets on that outcome!


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