County Run Dog Shelter Nears Capacity and Desperately Needs Adoptions

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11.5.14 - County Run Dog Shelter Nears Capacity and Desperately Needs Adoptions

The Ingham County Dog Shelter in Michigan is facing a tough situation, and is asking for any and all help it can get.  It is very near its maximum capacity, and because it’s a taxpayer funded shelter, they cannot turn dogs away.

As is the case in many places, there isn’t really a timeline for when the shelter will be forced to do the one thing that truly has to be the hardest, euthanasia.  There are a few indoor kennel spots, but as they get closer to full, time grows shorter for some of these poor dogs.

Shelter spokesperson Ashely Hayes said, “We had more adoptable dogs in the shelter right now than we’ve had in a very long time.  It’s definitely pretty full.”

IN 2013, and so far in 2014, the shelter hasn’t had to do any euthanasia procedures due to overcrowding problems.  There have been dogs brought in or rescued that were simply too far beyond any help, but no one has had to be put down for space considerations.  This is putting the shelter is a very tough spot.

11.5.14 - County Run Dog Shelter Nears Capacity and Desperately Needs Adoptions3

There are several wonderful people that have opened up their homes as foster space.  With the shelter getting it’s funding from taxpayer dollars, they cannot turn away any animals brought in.  It usually houses about 100 dogs and 100 cats.  It’s usually the cats that are facing the overcrowding problem, not the dogs.

No one is certain as to why the sudden influx of dogs has become so huge.  It’s more usual for them to see more dogs born in the spring and fall, but lately, the volume of stray dogs has exploded.

The shelter is asking anyone living in the area seeking to add a furry family member to check out the many breeds and personalities they have there.  They range from little dogs, to some of the larger breeds, and all are looking for that forever home they so greatly deserve.  Also, if you live in the area and are willing to open up your home, and foster a dog or cat, you’d be more than just saving a life.

For more information on the shelter, or to contact them as offer help, check out their Facebook page by clicking here, or go to their website by clicking here.  Every animal deserves to have a chance to grow up, and to grow old with a family that loves them, and not put to death simply because there isn’t enough room.  If you feel you live too far to help these poor animals out, maybe consider contacting your local shelter to see how you can help out a lonely animal in your area.  You won’t regret it.

11.5.14 - County Run Dog Shelter Nears Capacity and Desperately Needs Adoptions2

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  2. They should pour more money in making a larger shelter or a sanutuary of some kind . People are always willing to donate money for it.

  3. Why not have an adoption drive cum fund raising event at the same time. Perhaps can work with some dog food brand or like Petsmart for support/sponsorship?

  4. I live in NYC and already have 2 dogs (1 dog aggressive). I wish I could take more, but my husband said he’d divorce me! Can I do anything else to help out? I can donate, but with space issues I don’t think that will help right now. I can transport dogs as well. Anything to help.


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