Couple Skips Expensive Videographer and Put GoPro on Their Dog Instead

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Anyone that has ever been married, or been part of a wedding in some way knows just how expensive things can get when it comes to videographers.  Not that it isn’t worth every penny.  They work very hard to capture one of the biggest moments in people’s lives.  However, one couple decided to skip the expense, and thought a bit outside the box instead.

The video, shared by a friend of the happy couple, Seth and Megan on For the Win shows how they put a GoPro camera on their dog Tucker, and had him undertake videographer’s duties for the event.  As mentioned before, paying someone (or several someones in many cases) to not just capture, but then edit and cut to disc or some other form of media can get insanely expensive.

According to Nate Scott, sharer of the video, “I’m also happy that they decided to put a GoPro on their dog, Tucker, for the wedding, because they have gone and created a cinematic masterpiece.  I hope this becomes a trend.”

Scott also said, “Why pay someone to film and edit a video when you can give your dog some leftovers and have him give you a better product?  This is a great movie, and Tucker is a very good dog.”

We happen to agree.  The idea is fantastic, and the video is just too cute.  Tucker is a good boy.  A very good boy, indeed!

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