Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Child Skips Homework, Mother Turns His Dog Over to Kill Shelter

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There is no point in even trying to understand the depravity behind a woman’s decision to punish her son by putting his pet’s life at risk: those of us who love dogs can’t even begin to relate to such thinking.

*Update: Jewel is safe. The Lexus Project stepped in yesterday and took possession of Jewel. This picture from Facebook says it all.

Jewel is currently on the urgent list at the Brooklyn AC&C. Her listing explains that she is at risk of being put down, and that she was surrendered by a woman who wanted her son to pay more attention to his homework. From her listing:

My name is JEWEL. My Animal ID # is A0919786.
I am a female tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 year 7 months old.

I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 12/17/2011 from NY 11237, owner surrender reason stated was PERS PROB.

No Euth Memo

01/21/2012 Exam Type CAGE EXAM – Medical Rating is 3 C – MAJOR CONDITIONS , Behavior Rating is AVERAGE, Weight 50.4 LBS.

Jay’s owners surrendered Jewel because their child would not do his homework 🙁

1: – Why are you surrendering this dog?The owner stated that the animal was for her son whom is not in compliance and not focused on school work.

For obvious reasons, we would love to see this innocent dog find a home before it is too late.

21 thoughts on “Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Child Skips Homework, Mother Turns His Dog Over to Kill Shelter”

  1. She thinks she has problems now with him not doing homework, just wait he will resent her and she’s going to have more problems with him now then just homework ….. What kind of person takes their sons dog to a kill shelter just because his home work didn’t get done … WOW lady I hope you pay for this stupid mistake you did for the rest of your life and I hope Jewel haunts you in your sleep…. It’s not just your son you hurt, you hurt Jewel too by taking her best friend away from her …..Animals have feelings too they feel pain just like any living thing!!!!!! Dogs are so much smarter then people like you, they love unconditionally and they don’t hurt you untill someone hurts them …… I hope Jewel finds a new boy or girl to call her own its just a shame she lost her boy over homework , she would have been right by his side for years to come not FREAKIN HOMEWORK!!

  2. Does anyone have any updates on this dog???? The owner surrender date is Dec 17th! I am worried that it might be too late! 🙁

    • The Lexus Project has stepped up and rescued Jewel. I think they are looking for a forever home still.

  3. I am completely horrified!!!!

    What kind of woman would do this? What kind of mother would do this to their own son? Does she really think that this is even going to be an effective tool for forcing her son to comply? What is wrong with her? What kind of future member of society is she trying to raise? Oh, I know, one like her who has no shred of humanity.

    This is a clear example of those people in society that see animals as a possession whose only purpose is for human exploitation.

    I feel so sad for this little boy to have a POS for a mother!

    PLEASE, PLEASE someone in New York save this little girl. I am too far away and don’t know anyone on that side of the country or I would go pick her up today!

  4. What a horrible woman!! I really hope this dog ended up in a nice new home with caring people to share her life with. I’m sorry for the kid but with a Mom like that, Jewel would never be safe. I think the Mom would use any excuse at anytime to get rid of the Dog.
    Karma will get her!!

  5. I think CPS should be doing welfare checks and remove the child from his Mother before she decides to do away with the child!! It is very noticeable that she is not sitting at home helping this child with his HOMEWORK!!! I vote we put the Mother down and save the dog!!!


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