Crying Pit Bull Abandoned at UK Train Station

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2.19.15 - Crying Dog Abandoned at UK Train Station


Last week a dog who looked like he was crying was dumped at a railway station in England, but thankfully he has been rescued and will hopefully find a better home.

A man tied the Staffy mix up at the Eastbourne Railway Station in East Sussex, left a plastic bin with some water and jumped into a taxi and sped away.

The sad and confused dog sat alone for hours, crying anxiously until passersby reported him to staff members, who had him taken in to a local kennel.

They are trying to locate his owners, hopefully only to charge them with abandonment, and already hundreds of applications have come in to adopt.


0 thoughts on “Crying Pit Bull Abandoned at UK Train Station”

    • It’s a terrible thing.
      But it is easy to judge. We have no idea about the person who left the dog. Maybe they were distraught, maybe they are in need of help themselves. Maybe don;t care, maybe they are suicidal. We don’t know anything.
      I have seen FAR worse. This dog was left in a very public place with water.
      We need to be a bit more caring all round, and less judgemental.
      I hope the dog gets a wonderful home with a loving family. I hope the previous owner get’s what they need.
      Don’t know about the UK, but where I live, it can be hard to surrender a dog. Sometimes they go straight on the kill list. Sometimes they are simply not accepted.

      • Also, with this dog and that shar pei that was abandoned in the train station, both dogs got a lot of press BECAUSE of the public abandonment. They actually found/will find better homes through the publicity vs. dumping in a shelter.

      • Thanks for pointing that out, I’d never considered a suicidal person “dumping” a very much loved pet… until I wrote a note about to do the same.


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