Curly Nearly Drowned in Harvey’s Floodwaters, Then His Owner Couldn’t Take Him Back….

by Amy Drew

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Curly’s caretakers say he’s such a good boy: housebroken, mellow and very sweet. Photo: ARNO


As Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO) volunteers went door-to-door in Beaumont, TX, offering pet supplies in neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Harvey, everyone they met said the black flood water came up dangerously fast.

Curly nearly drowned in that floodwater, but luckily, he was saved from the torrent and taken to a veterinary clinic where ARNO volunteers were on-hand to help. And he needed lots.

Curly couldn’t walk. Or see. He was placed on antibiotics and fluids. His owner was located, but couldn’t take him back, ARNO volunteers told us, but the rescuers were undeterred by his grave condition. They took him back to Louisiana with them, determined to restore his health.

Once in New Orleans, Curly was disoriented. He couldn’t chew or eat. He was in pain. He walked a little, but slept a lot. He suffered from ulcerations on his eyes, ulcers in his mouth. His teeth were in bad shape, too. He had three different kinds of worms, including heartworms and a bad ear infection.

“He was practically perfect in every way,” the ARNO volunteer joked.

Clancy 3
This gentle boy is a survivor and will be a wonderful, loving companion. Photo: ARNO


The Grey Muzzle Organization, which has provided long-time support to ARNO, recently awarding them an emergency grant to assist with the additional costs of rescuing Harvey-displaced senior dogs like Curly, has been instrumental in his return to health. And though the road is slow, it’s been steady.

Curly is doing a little better each day. His appetite has returned and he gets eye ointment three times a day. He’s receiving treatment for his heartworms, too.

“Curly is quite the gentleman,” those caring for him say. “He’s housebroken and goes right into his open kennel to rest on his bed. The most important thing to know about him is his spirit and will to survive. He is a very sweet dog who seems to have come out of a fog of shock, fear and uncertainty.”
> ARNO will go back to Beaumont to pull other dogs rescued from the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey once the hold is over and will hold them another month in hopes of reuniting them with their owners. To date, ARNO has rescued 32 dogs and plans on saving 25 more.

For more information about Curly or to foster a Hurricane Harvey refugee, please email [email protected] or visit ARNO’s website.