Dad Missing His Dog for Over Two Years Gets Surprise of a Lifetime from a Total Stranger

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When Julio and his brother Sam adopted a dog called Duke in 2012, and brought him home to join the family.  They loved Duke very much, and treated him as one of their own.  So that’s why in 2013 when Duke went missing, Julio was nothing short of devastated.

It was on Christmas Eve of 2013 when Julio let Duke out to do his business.  Duke took off, and no matter what he did, who he asked, how many flyers he put up or how many social media pleas for help Julio would make, Duke was gone, man.  Solid gone.

Days turned into weeks, turned in to months, and eventually years.  Julio never stopped thinking, or wondering or worrying about Duke.  Was he OK?  Did he maybe find a nice family to take him in eventually?  He feared the worse, but never lost hope completely.

As luck would have it, Duke was eventually picked up by someone.  It may have been two years after he was last seen, but there he was.  What was even better was the fact that Duke was chipped, and the info was still valid.  It made reuniting Duke with his family almost too easy.

Julio is just overwhelmed with joy.  He really didn’t think to see Duke at all, let alone have a happy reunion with him.  The video is almost impossible to watch without crying.  You have been warned.

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