Dallas SUV Driver Wanted For Running Over and Killing Dog

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Holly Mosley and Heather Huynh of Dallas, Texas were out walking their dogs yesterday when the unthinkable happened. The dog owners and their pets were about to cross an intersection when an SUV made a right turn and ran over Batmite, Mosley’s five-year-old terrier. The driver killed the dog and left the woman injured.


Photo credit: NBC News
Holly Mosley, Heather Huynh and their dogs minutes before the accident. Photo credit: NBC News


According to NBC News the accident happened at the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton. The driver did not stop to accept responsibility or to offer help, and fled the scene instead.

The horrific accident was captured by Zephy Restraurant’s surveillance camera. It clearly shows how the dog was pinned by the front wheel while the back wheel ran over Mosley’s foot.


Photo credit: NBC News
Photo credit: NBC News


Josh Friendman owns the restaurant and witnessed the accident. He immediately rushed over to help the injured parties and transported the dog to an area vet clinic. Unfortunately, it was too late to save Batmite’s life.

“I’m still hurting, my foot still hurts, my arm hurts and my heart is hurting because of the loss of the love of my life,” Mosley said.


Batmite. Photo credit: NBC News
Batmite. Photo credit: NBC News


The heart broken pet owner filed a police report and hopes the public helps her identify the driver. The person behind the wheel should be held responsible for ending the dog’s life.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Dallas Police Department at 214-671-3001.


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  1. I looked at the clip. . This whole little mruder drama could have been on purpose.

    Why did she have the dog on such a long leash at an intersection? The other dog was on a shorter least. Either she was stupid or this was staged. Their little psychodrama for the satanists “holiday” of Imbolic.

    Another curious thing, the restaurant ownr looked like a crisis actor.

    PHONY PHONY PHONY. Satanists are big time liars, besides being thieves and murderers.

    Jesus said “ye are of your father the devil. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.” Lies and murders go together, like a horse and carriage. I’m tired of the media manipulations.

  2. So very sorry that the dog had to lose its life because of a crappy driver and a RETRACTABLE LEASH!! Did you notice how far out in front of her that dog was?!? When in or around traffic, a responsible dog owner will keep the dog close by their side…not at the end of a retractable leash. Just another reason not to use them unless you’re in a non-traffic area…that means NO OTHER dogs, cars, people, squirrels, etc.


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