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Deadly Snake Is no Match for This Brave Dog

by Katherine

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Drew S. had no idea how close he was to getting bitten by a deadly Eastern brown snake but the man is alive today thanks to his brave dog who scared the killer reptile.

Photo credit: Drew S/YouTube
Photo credit: Drew S/YouTube

The Australian man was lounging in his Queensland backyard checking his phone when the snake serpentined its way through the patio floor. The curious and brave dog followed the legless animal as it made its way under a table and then slithered inches away from Drew’s foot.

The pet owner had no idea how close danger loomed around his feet. He was made aware when he noticed his dog trying to sniff the slithering reptile. At that point the man jumps from his chair, grabs his courageous dog and moves away from the snake.

The close encounter was captured on security cameras.

That dog deserves a medal for saving his owner’s life.