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“Dear Santa” Letter, Helps Bring Blind Lost Dog Back Home

by Katherine

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Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is my dog to come back. I do not care about presents, all I care about is my dog Dolly to come back. I miss her so much and love her.
Love Isla Kerr xxxx

That’s what seven-year-old Isla Kerr from Sowerby Bridge, England, wrote to Santa after her three-year-old Boston terrier named Dolly went missing.

Photo credit: Ross Parry

Kerr and her mom, Vanessa Meskimmon, had gone shopping around town and taken Dolly with them, but when they entered a shop, they left Dolly tied up outside. Meskimmon told The Mirror the dog was left unattended just a few minutes, when they came back outside, the blind pet who needs daily medication was gone.

With broken hearts the family went back home and organized their search. The posted fliers and used social media to tell people about the lost dog. Isla also wrote a letter to Santa asking for his help. Well, just five days after writing to Santa, Dolly was found.

A man had found Dolly all alone at a park and thanks to the fliers, the rescuer called the pet’s owners to give them the good news.

When Dolly and his rescuer arrived, Darren Kerr, Isla’s father, met up with them outside the home to confirm the dog’s identity. Once there was no doubt Dolly had been found, the dog was brought back home and reunited with an emotional and thankful Isla.

Photo credit: Ross Parry
Photo credit: Ross Parry

The seven-year-old girl was not the only one excited to have the dog back home. Dolly too couldn’t stop wiggling and licking her owners’ faces.

“Dolly can’t see us but she knows who we are, she knows she’s home and it’s so lovely,” said Meskimmon. “We can’t stop cuddling her, we’re so pleased to have her back. Isla thinks Santa has helped her out.”

We are glad Dolly and Isla’s Christmas will be a happy one.