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“Death Row” Dog from Romania Finds Second Life in Nursing Home

by Fred

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2.8.16 - Lady1

Lady was on “death Row” in Romania, before being rescued, and being given a new purpose in life.  The adorable husky mix is now the center of attention, as a comfort and therapy dog.

When Ann Cooper saw Lady’s picture on a Facebook appeal from the Laika Fund for Street Dogs, she just knew she had to do something.  It was a lot of work, but a labor of love for Ann.  She got in touch with the Laika Fund to keep tabs on Lady’s condition.

It took about four weeks, but Ann finally got Lady.  Lady was brought to Llanfrynach, Pembroke, Wales to live with Ann and her husband, along with some chickens, four cats and five other dogs as well.  Despite the normal issues that can arise with rescued dogs, Lady seemed to be a perfect fit for the family.

2.8.16 - Lady2

“There are so many horrific stories,” said Ann.  “Dogs when they are caught can be embroiled in a black market of vile abuse if not beaten to death, set on fire, or have diesel injected into the hearts to do away with the unwanted.  I have cats and dogs so decided that I had to do something even it was just for one Romanian dog.  I recognize that rescuing a dog will not change this cruel world but it changes the world for that dog.  I picked Lady from photographs through an intermediary taken at the Constanta dog public shelter where she was incarcerated.  Lady was rescued and went into a foster home for a couple of weeks before I collected her from Cobham Services pick-up point.”

Anyone meeting Lady now, would never be able to tell that she grew up in the situation that she did.  She now works as a therapy/comfort dog, and Ann has partnered with the Volunteering Matters Welcome Friends project to find places that Lady can spread her love to others.  She’s become a weekly visitor at many nursing care centers, and the residents love their visits with Lady.

“Lady took to her new home and training and within months of arrival in April last year, passing all her veterinary tests, and it was clear to me she would make a wonderful pets at therapy dog,” said Ann.  “Residents’ faces just light up when they see her.  The love-giving is reciprocal.  Lady just loves getting her pets therapy coat on and going to work every week.”

2.8.16 - Lady3