Death-row dog goes free after two years in lockdown

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A pit bull sentenced to death for killing a cat has been given a reprieve by the Broward County Fourth District Court of Appeals.

The court found that Broward County’s dog death penalty ordinance conflicted with state law. The dog, named Mercedes, had been held in a kennel since the 2008 attack on a neighborhood cat. She was the last dog on Broward’s death row.

After a lengthy and expensive legal battle, her owner expressed tremendous relief. “I think it’s fantastic,” said Ken Sladkin, Mercedes’ owner. “It means no county can go beyond state law, and it means the dog gets a second chance.”

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36 thoughts on “Death-row dog goes free after two years in lockdown”

      • Lennox is a black, male Pitbull that has been sentenced to death ONLY because he resembles and IS a Pitbull. Those idiots are gonna kill him for no reason at all and his family is heartbroken. His family is trying their best to set him free…

  1. well dahhh. don’t matter if it’s a pitt bull.. dogs.. attack cats. .. dumbass’s.. glad he got to go home ; )

    • Lennox was seized for “looking” like a pit bull,still in prison,see the website here,please sign his

  2. No kidding….I couldn’t guarantee that my dogs wouldn’t kill a cat should they actually get ahold of one without having their noses clawed, and they aren’t pit bulls. Isn’t that just the natural order of things? Are we going to put a cat away if it kills my pet hamster?

    • So true. My dog is the same way. She is a Great Dane/German Shepherd and she HATES cats and we have 2!!!! It’s natural and I totally agree with you!

  3. It truly has been a waste of time for this dog, locked in a kennel. Thank goodness she looks healthy and is able to go home with her owner, who I’m sure will take great precaution with her. I agree – dogs chase cats, that’s the way it is. Shame on the state of Florida – yet, one more time.


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