Dedicated Rescue Teams Gives Rescue Dog Surprise of a Lifetime

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Seymour is what some might call a “rags-to-riches” story.  Rescued by actress and Hope for Paws CFO, Jamie Ray Newman and Eldad Hagar, Seymour was absolutely TERRIFIED of humans at first.  The rescue on the whole was very successful, resulting in a new home for the dog, but it was definitely NOT the easiest rescue ever.

Any time anyone at all would get close to Seymour, he would bolt.  Talk about frustration.  Try as they might, they just never seemed to be able to get within enough reach to rescue him.  It would take Newman and Hagar quite some time to earn the dog’s trust before any of the real recovery and rehab work could begin.

After a very badly needed bath, and some tended love and care, Seymour started showing real progress.  Soon, his true personality began to shine through, and it turns out that Seymour is a sweet and affectionate dog.  It wouldn’t be long before he was ready to be adopted.

Today, Seymour is a transformed dog.  He is very happy in his new home with a family that has promised to love him and keep him safe for the rest of his days.  Something that every dog deserves, regardless of breed and any unfair stereotypes that may be attached to that designation.  According to his new family, he’s turned into a complete “cuddle monster” and they wouldn’t have it any other way.