Delta Honor Guard Holds Special Ceremony for Fallen Soldier and His Dog

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Among the many, classic comedy tropes that exist that have to do with air ports, poor baggage handling is one of the most common.  This story is about a team of baggage handlers at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, and they stand as the exception that DEFIES the rule.


In the included video, you can see where they take extra time and reverence when handling the remains of a fallen American soldier and his dog.  The staff has a special ceremony that they hold for every fallen hero returning home this way, and it’s very touching.


Thank you for showing a bit of (un)common decency and humanity in a world where things can seem utterly incapable of allowing for it.  It’s the little things like this that restore our faith in humanity!


1 thought on “Delta Honor Guard Holds Special Ceremony for Fallen Soldier and His Dog”

  1. That is not the correct story behind the video. Here is the correct information from the original video posting:

    My name is Brian McConnell, I work for Delta Air Lines and coordinate the Honor Guard program for the military fallen, however the information put out by most people sharing this video is incorrect. I know it has been shared with the heading “Watch what Delta does for Fallen Soldier and his K9” but that info is incorrect.

    The truth is, the first fallen coming off the aircraft, covered in the U.S. Flag is a soldier missing over 63 years from the Korean War who was identified and was being returned to his family, the second and smaller box was actually additional bone fragments of a soldier who was already sent home and buried, they were to go and be interned with that soldier.

    When the video was first posted we had a description on the video but as you are probably aware of internet “trolls” got on it and started some very vile comments and disrespectful comments. Some were very hurtful to our military so rather than have the families who have lost a loved one have to see them we shut off the comments,

    So when it was shared “millions” of times, somebody assumed it was a current conflict soldier and his K9 companion. I have posted in many of the video comments that this is incorrect but when my comment is 8 pages down, nobody sees it.


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