Denver’s Big Break

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The guiltiest dog in the world takes a trip to NYC to meet the cast of Good Morning America, and her owners share the rest of the story about one of the most popular and controversial video hits of the past week.

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51 thoughts on “Denver’s Big Break”

    • You know how it is. Some people are daft and don’t seem to have the ability to use logic and common sense.

  1. We caught Denver on TV too – what a sweet girl! And Macy is not too hard to look at either.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

    • I completely agree with you.
      Now that I see that the videographer (dog owner) has an official website where he is selling “guilty dog” bandanas, etc. (but giving portions of the money to charity), I have unanswered questions.

    • Here, here! The situation was obviously created. I am glad to see that someone recognized it for what it was.

    • There seems to be a parallel being drawn between small children and dogs in several negative comments. I’m not even going to touch that discussion. I would like to say that behavioral conditioning allows for humans and other social creatures to learn how to appropriately behave in a social environment. If this was a wild pack and Denver attempted to infringe on the pack leaders food share the leader would exhibit dominant behaviors towards Denver, violently, to establish dominance and maintain appropriate behavior and social order. There is no equality in social structuring for pack animals. The human is either leader or your dog is and she jumps up on your 90 year old grandmother and she breaks her hip. I don’t like that he’s marketing it to make money but to say he is abusive for calmly displaying dominance and establishing leadership in their “pack” is a little childish and extremely baseless. Show evidence and I’ll shut up.


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