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Disabled Man Needs a Miracle to Save His Beloved Dog

by Melanie

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4.26.15 - Disabled Man Needs a Miracle to Save His Beloved Dog2


This plea comes from a desperate and heartbroken man named Al Haskell:

I am in need of finances to help save my girl Lady.  I am disabled, and she is a comfort to me.  I took her to the vet and found out she has a large diaphragmatic hernia.  This fills her chest cavity with her intestines, making it hard to breathe, until she can no longer get enough air and death will follow.

The estimate for this surgery is $2,000.  Needless to say that to me it might as well be a million.  I am hoping someone can help me with the vet bill, as without the funding, I will have no choice but to put her to sleep.  She is a young girl, only six years old.

I am really attached to her… If you could help me with just a small donation hopefully I can save her. I am truly hoping for your kindness.

Thanks so much!


If you would like to help Al save Lady, please CLICK HERE.