Disabled Veteran and Service Dog Forced to Leave Restaurant

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Gulf war veteran Frank Eckl and his family were forced to make alternate dinner plans Saturday night when a restaurant manager told them his service dog was unwelcome. Eckl and his dog Spruce were given the cold shoulder when they arrived at Don Julio’s restaurant in Cascade Township, Michigan.

“She [the manager] said we were more than welcome to stay, but patrons in the restaurant and the manager didn’t want dog hair in the restaurant,” he said. “I was shocked that we were asked to have the dog leave and we could stay.”

Eckl requires a service dog because he has a condition that causes occasional seizures. Rather than cause a scene, he and his family went to the restaurant next door, where they were able to dine without issue.

When questioned by local reporters, the manager of Don Julio’s defended her actions and said she would do the same thing again if Eckl returned.

“I have to,” she said. “I can’t have any kind of animal be around food. It’s kinda hard having most of my customers leave out on me because of one customer.”


26 thoughts on “Disabled Veteran and Service Dog Forced to Leave Restaurant”

  1. Ridiculous……considering dogs are cleaner than most humans out there. Shocking! Hope they ashamed now

  2. She will lose more customers over her complete lack of compassion than having a service dog lying quietly on the floor while a war veteran dines. That doesn’t get dog hair in food—the food is prepared in the kitchen which I would love to have inspectors descend upon.

    Better yet, people need to boycott Don Julio’s restaurant in Cascade Township, Michigan. I would love to see that restaurant put out of business!!!

  3. Obviously this restaurant manager needs to re-read the law. As the others have said, I would be proud to sit at the same table with a service dog under my feet. I can’t imagine other diners complaining. Thank you to all our service people for assisting in making the USA a safe place to live. I know one restaurant I will never go to, Don Julio’s in Cascade Township, Michigan.

  4. To the manager, how stupid are you you violated both state and federal law and opened you owner to fines and civil suit. You need to look for a job where do can meet your knowledge set. Like a phone bank operator in some foreign country.

  5. This woman should be fired. She violated this mans civil right to eat at a restuarant. The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed for just such stupidity. Don’t think about it, follow the law.


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