Disaster Response Team Pet Rescues

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The 23-member Humane Society of Missouri Disaster Response Team has wrapped up their rescue mission on the scene in Joplin, Missouri.

Searching for trapped, injured and lost pets; rescuing them; transporting them to shelter and helping reunite them with owners affected by the devastation wrought by the tornado, they have made a big difference in the aftermath.

The Humane Society of Missouri has been named by the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency as the lead animal welfare agency in response to disasters and other emergencies in Missouri.

The 23-person Disaster Response Team consisting of animal rescue, sheltering and veterinary professionals and trained emergency volunteers worked to rescue lost and stranded pets in the Joplin area. More than 200 animals in need were aided by the HSMO team.

4 thoughts on “Disaster Response Team Pet Rescues”

  1. God bless them for they save rescue animals life AMEN …make people happy to see cats or dogs alive again ever make Jesus happy too 🙂

  2. Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption & Resource Center:
    “Update: as of 8:30 last night we have received 1149 animals and reunited 372. There are 89 owned animals that are being boarded.”


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