Disheveled Senior Dog Escapes His Home & Gets Help for His Neglected Siblings

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After years of living in misery because of neglect, a 13-year-old chow mix named Bagel fled his Central Islip, New York home back in March.  He was found by precisely the right person – an animal advocate.  She met one of his family members, who flippantly brushed her off.  But she persisted, and now Bagel and his siblings are with a rescue group looking for a home for them.

Debbie Davidson was driving down a street when she saw the very unkempt dog sitting on the sidewalk.  His hardened, mange-ravaged skin led her to believe he was a stray, but as he was about to step into the trafficked road, a woman came out of a house and called for him to come inside.




Davidson approached the woman and asked why the dog was in such poor condition, but her concerns were dismissed.  She said she had recently lost her mother, and that her father, the pets’ owner, was selling his house to move to a retirement home.  He had apparently been asking people to take in his pets.

Inside the house was an eight- or nine-year-old German shepherd named Chloe who had hip dysplasia and poor skin.  She and Bagel’s claws were so long that they could barely walk and had to hunch to do so.  Out in the yard was Toby, a five-year-old, stumpy-tailed cat who was dragging his hind legs.




“It was disgusting, poop everywhere,” Davidson told The Dodo. “[Their] food and water bowls were filthy, the water was dirty. It was just horrible, and the poor pups smelled awful.”

They just assumed Toby was paralyzed and couldn’t feel anything, but at the very least, they did the right thing by surrendering all three.  Pets4Luv saw Davidson’s public plea for help and volunteered to take them in.




Both dogs were 20 pounds underweight, had worms, and were suffering from bacterial and yeast infections, which is what led to the blackened skin and ear infections.  Bagel is now deaf because of it.  Both of Toby’s knees were blown out, who knows for how long.

“It is clear to see when pain is affecting Toby the most because he will act differently,” Pets4Luv volunteer Bobbi Anne Thomas said.  “For example, just lying on the couch and not playing with the others.”




They’ve now all gotten basic treatment; the dogs’ fur has grown back, and one of Toby’s ACLs has had surgery.  But their ears and teeth need work, Chloe needs surgery for her unhealed and irritating skin, and Toby needs surgery on his other knee.  Some money has been raised for their initial treatment, but not enough for the surgeries.  If you can help the, in any way, please click here.

Though their story has now been shared by many, sadly, the three are still waiting to find a home.  The dogs are very bonded, and though it is not imperative that the dog-friendly Toby be adopted with him, wouldn’t it be nice if they were able to find a home together, considering what they’ve experienced together?  If you’re interested, email Dave Bernacci, head of Pets4Luv at [email protected].




“It’s absolutely amazing what was done and what these animals went through, and how affectionate they are,” Bernacci said.

For more information and updates on the trio, click here.






9 thoughts on “Disheveled Senior Dog Escapes His Home & Gets Help for His Neglected Siblings”

  1. A degenerate dog owner I met a wile ago had put her dog down because she didn’t want to deal with the vet bills (the dog had some minor orthopedic problems), but wanted another dog so she would have someone/something that would love HER. This misguided thinking is why so many undeserving people adopt an animal. They are looking for something to fill the void in their lives but have no clue that the animal needs them for their survival. This selfishness has created overcrowded animal shelters and wonderful loving pets are euthanized because humans are unable to fix their own lives. An animal is a companion and a family member, but also a responsibility and should be cared for as such. Humans: find another outlet for your own failures and disappointments. Do not adopt an animal if you are not willing to give it your love and attention. They are not status symbols, they are not an outlet for your anger, they are not an object to be abused or neglected. They are our companions and our protectors and our friends. I have a 12 year old St Bernard and I have loved and cared for him every second of every day of his life. He knows he can count on me to take care of him and love him. What I have gotten in return is immeasurable.

    • You must be doing something right–SBs at 12 are considered very old, and many don’t make it past 10. My hat’s off to you and your correct belief that animals are members of the family and not here to fulfill some missing need. The richness and honor of incorporating our fellow creatures into the family fold will pay dividends far beyond the experience of people who just have casual pet relationships. It doesn’t just stop with dogs or cats. I consider the farm animals we have (goats/horses/chickens, etc.) to be an important part of our family and treat them as such.

  2. I worked Animal Control for years and I though I had seen the worse of the worst. Animals treated like this still tear my heart apart. So thankful that they have been rescued and hope they have many years of happiness ahead of them.

  3. The people should go to jail. They should not be given much food and nothing tasty, maybe dog food, and never allowed to bathe.

  4. These stories sicken me. Animals are like children helpless and dependent on humans to care for them. They should be hung by their toenails


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