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Doberman Found After Missing for Weeks


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Niobe, a Doberman who had been missing for several weeks, is carried out of the brush where she’d been hiding. (Photo supplied by NEWS)

Good karma was shining down on Niobe, a 2-year-old Doberman who went missing West Vancouver, British Columbia, thanks to the tenacity of a determined, dog-loving 911 dispatcher with the West Vancouver Police Department.

Niobe had been in her new home less than an hour when she ran away, prompting her new owner, Christopher Angeletti, to immediately call 911 for help. Jodie Cohan, the dispatcher on duty, took the call.  She transferred Angeletti to the non-emergency dispatcher, who then  posted a notice about the missing dog in the office. A week later, Cohan took a call about the dog and realized the dog was still missing.

Cohan took it upon herself to start searching for Niobe, putting up posters and even talked with a dog behaviourist to find out how to approach a scared Niobe. Tips started coming in and Cohan and her boyfriend, Darcy Wyness, would go out to search the areas where Niobe had been spotted.

It was several weeks before Cohan got the call that culminated in finding and rescuing Niobe. Cohan and Wyness drove to the place where Niobe had been seen and found her in the bushes. “All of a sudden, I see her. I could hear her in the bush. I made eye contact with her and…started (trying to) coax her out,” said Cohan. Niobe wasn’t having any of it – she wasn’t budging from her hiding place.

Soon a dog handler with the WVPD showed up, and “He just went in, head-first, and got her,” said Cohan. “She made a half-assed attempt to bite him, but it wasn’t happening. He pulled her out and she went limp in his arms.” They immediately took Niobe to the vet where it was determined that she had a fractured pelvis, inflamed stitches, and was very dehydrated.

This story has a happy ending. Niobe is resting and recuperating now and Angeletti has agreed to give Niobe to Cohan and Wyness. Once Niobe is feeling better, Cohan will introduce her to Bear and Cubby, her two Pomeranian/Maltese/Poodle mixes.

Source: The Province