Dog Abandoned After Fire Just Wants a Forever Home

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Popeye is a pit bull mix.  His family abandoned him after they had a house fire, and he wound up on his own.  Thanks to the wonderful people at It’s the Pits and the great folks over at Hope for Paws, Popeye is no longer on the streets and on his way to finding that family that will love him forever.

Popeye was a bit of a unique rescue for Hope for Paws.  Anyone that’s seen any video posted to our site or otherwise is familiar with how almost every dog or dogs they come across need quite a bit of convincing to even remotely go near another human.  Most of them will have to learn how to trust humans all over again.

If you watch the video, you can almost see the excitement in Popeye’s eyes as he trots up to Eldad Hagar.  No worries at all.  It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Hey there!  You’re here to rescue me, right?

Popeye is up for adoption through It’s the Pits.  They are a rescue group out of San Diego, California.  You can follow the link about to get more information on them, and inquire about adopting Popeye or any of the many excellent dogs they have there waiting for a forever home.

One other note: People usually afraid of or having reservations about “bully breeds” have changed their minds about them after seeing Popeye and how loving and affectionate he is.  Good job, Popeye!  One commenter on said, “If those videos taught me something, it’s that pit bulls are sweethearts!”

10.29.14 - Dog Abandoned After Fire Just Wants a Forever Home

125 thoughts on “Dog Abandoned After Fire Just Wants a Forever Home”

  1. I love Hope for Paws <3 and It's the Pits You guys and gals are just the greatest bunch of humans ever!! Carry on 🙂

  2. what a precious dog–I will NEVER understand how people can just walk away from a family pet—and yet I have personally seen it….at my prior home-the neighbors moved away and left a mama and her pups in the back yard—just left them…..I fed them every day –animal control wouldn’t take them until they were assured they were REALLY abandoned!!! I forget how many days it was—they had to break the lock on the gate –the house was COMPLETELY EMPTY


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