Dog Abandoned in Well Gets Rescued. Owner Charged with Animal Abuse

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On September 14, 2013, locals from Virreina, Malaga, found a small dog trapped in a dry well, 13 feet below ground. The Good Samaritans contacted local police and its animal rescue unit Grupona (Grupo de Protección de la Naturaleza) and they came to the dog’s aid.

Dog rescued from well 13 feet under ground
Dog rescued from well 13 feet under ground


The canine, a toy-size, male, with light color hair, weighed only 8 lbs, and was scared and shaking when rescued. Rescuers determined the dog could have died from starvation in the well.

Police scanned him for a microchip, found one, and immediately contacted the owner to investigate the case.

After questioning the woman registered as dog’s owner, she was cited in court, fined for not having the dog up to date with all vaccines and charged with animal cruelty.

The woman awaits court sentencing.