Dog Abuser Caught on Camera

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Do you recognize the man seen throwing the dog in this video?

If so, the Albuquerque Police Department wants to hear from you. Videographers Alex Volek and Peter Nicholas captured the footage at Tingley Beach on Tuesday afternoon. Police ran the license plate number and the vehicle is registered in Davis, Califonia. The plates expire next month, and police believe the owner is living in the Albuquerque area.

“It’s kind of a waiting game now. I would hope that the public would have information on who this person may be or where they live or where they frequent – where they see the truck quite often, that would really help us out,” officer Robert Gibbs said.

Those with information about the incident or the owner of the dogs are asked to call the Albuquerque PD at (505) 242-COPS.

6 thoughts on “Dog Abuser Caught on Camera”

  1. I hope that they catch this guy. I also want to know if the dogs will be taken away from him. He should have any contact with animals. If he does that then what else does he do? Some one should be able to recognize that fat body. The other person is just as stupid for standing there and doing nothing.

  2. Please, what will it take to make animal cruelty a felony; a pretense to abusing and murdering people?

    – Judy Cummings

  3. Luckily the dog doesn’t seem to have been hurt cause I’d hate to see what the asshole would have done to the poor little guy if he had broke a leg. I really doubt the dog would have received any veterinary care from this creep.
    I really want to hurt this asshole.

  4. This subhuman should NEVER be allowed to own any animal even a ‘flea’…for his unspeakable act against the defenceless.Did you see that he poor animal had a limp afterwards..think about the escruciating pain this voiceless creature must have endure after this monster threw him down with criminal intent..This is outrageous and we must demand to get justice for this animal.Pls let us not let this one get away with his vile and brutal attack on this innocent animal..Alberqueque WE WANT JUSTICE!!!!!

  5. I dnt kno what will happen to him since ive been watchn animal planet it seems that these ppl only get slaps on the wrist when it should be like domestic violence laws. These kind of ppl are known to be murders atleast thts what ive heard. If they hurt an animal they will murder if they havent already


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