Dog Artist Creates Art to Sell for Charity

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Dagger is a very special dog.  He’s so much more than just a furry, four legged friend; he’s an artist in the truest sense of the word.  He creates special doggy art that gets sold with the proceeds from the sales being donated to charity.  Talk about your dog paying it forward!

“Every stroke, you see on the canvas is Dagger’s mark,” said Dagger’s human, Yvonne Dagger.

3.22.16 - CCI1

Yvonne took Dagger in to train him as a puppy.  He was to be trained for Canine Companions for Independence, however, after a strange thing happened one day during that training.  This moment put Dagger on a different life course all together.  One day, while Yvonne was working in her own art studio, Dagger came over and wanted to paint something himself.

“He just started nudging me, and I said, ‘Dagger do you want to paint?'” she said.  “So his tail started to wag.  I said OK.”

3.22.16 - CCI3

It turns out that Dagger is quite the artist!  His art is being sold throughout the world now, and Yvonne and Dagger can barely keep up with the orders that come in.  Also, in an effort to make sure that Canine Companions for Independence didn’t miss out on benefitting from Dagger’s talents, the money made from Dagger’s art goes back to them in the form of a donation.

“We’ve taken in so many orders for paintings,” Yvonne said.  “He was painting yesterday.  He will be painting again today.  That’s really a great thing for Dagger to be able to do.  In his very four-legged, furry way, he’s able to give back to the people that were so kind to him.”

3.22.16 - CCI4

Dagger’s art is becoming more and more recognized in the world.  A single 12 inch by 12 inch painting goes for a donation of $50 to Canine Companions.  Yvonne is proud of Dagger and his art, and is very happy to still have him helping out the organization that’s assisted him so much.

If you’d like to check out Dagger’s work, or find out more information on him, you can catch all of that on his Facebook page.  You can visit it by clicking here.  Also, if you’d like more information on Canine Companions for Independence, you can click here for their Facebook page, or click here to see their main page.

3.22.16 - CCI5



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