Dog Being Eaten Alive by Thousands of Ticks Recovers & Is Adopted

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7.11.16 - Tick-Loaded Dog With Wire Embedded in Tail Recovers & Is Adopted1


When Blossom was found wandering the streets of Athens by a volunteer with Orphan Pet Greece, she was absolutely loaded with ticks.  She also had a chain wound so tightly around her tail that there was no saving it.  She nearly died from blood loss, but today she is truly living, and has even been adopted.

When the volunteer found her, he could tell this girl had been suffering for a long time.  The wire or chain around her tail looked like it had been there since she was a puppy.  It had cut off the circulation so badly that it was completely dead, and had to be amputated.


Blossom was covered in thousands of ticks; her ears drooped under the weight of their blood-bloated bodies.  They had drained her of blood to the point that she only had days left to live.  She was given a transfusion, and her mom painstakingly removed all the ticks.

Once she was healthy, Blossom learned how to love and play with other dogs.  And best of all, she found a home.

Orphan Pet Greece can also be found on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Dog Being Eaten Alive by Thousands of Ticks Recovers & Is Adopted”

  1. Thank you, You have good heart and will have happy life for saving these animals. Wish there is sponsor link.

  2. This is truly heart breaking!! I am so glad she found her forever home!
    That’s why dogs are truly amazing animals..Look how this poor dog was treated yet it was able to love and trust a human again!

  3. One of my dogs had a life-threatening reaction to Advantage, which I had relied upon with my other animals, for decades. He had to spend the weekend in the ER with i.v. steroids and on anti-histamines. We lived in a very flea-ridden neighborhood, so I tried everything, including coating the backyard and furniture and carpets with dietary-grade diatomaceous earth, to no avail. At the peak of our infestation, I was combing 40 fleas off of each animal, per day. Then, I read about Neem oil and ordered some online (organic). It only required a few drops in a large bottle of base, like conditioner. I rubbed it onto the dogs’ fur daily. In the beginning, if I skipped a spot, like their arms, that’s where the fleas would be, but nowhere else. So, I began spritzing it all over them, and within 2 months, there were no fleas, anywhere in the house or garden, and they never came back (we moved before the next Spring). The cat did require a dose of Advantage; but, since she didn’t sleep with the dog, he was safe from accidental contact with it.


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