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Dog Bite Stops Mail Delivery to LA Neighborhood: Residents Outraged


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A Los Angeles neighborhood is fuming after mail delivery for the entire community was suspended – because a dog bit a mail carrier on the finger.

Now the family of the dog has been forced to put it up for adoption and leave the neighborhood, saying residents of the community have been threatening them over the mail delivery suspension. The post office said delivery would resume after the dog was removed from the home, but now they say they need proof that he has been adopted – and in the meantime tempers flare as residents are forced to drive to the post office to pick up their mail.

In the following report from KNBC, all parties involved express their frustrations, and the dog at the center of the conflict wags his way through an interview, unaware of the controversy surrounding him.

Note: the intro commercial is blank – the video will resume when it ends.


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