Dog Bite Stops Mail Delivery to LA Neighborhood: Residents Outraged

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A Los Angeles neighborhood is fuming after mail delivery for the entire community was suspended – because a dog bit a mail carrier on the finger.

Now the family of the dog has been forced to put it up for adoption and leave the neighborhood, saying residents of the community have been threatening them over the mail delivery suspension. The post office said delivery would resume after the dog was removed from the home, but now they say they need proof that he has been adopted – and in the meantime tempers flare as residents are forced to drive to the post office to pick up their mail.

In the following report from KNBC, all parties involved express their frustrations, and the dog at the center of the conflict wags his way through an interview, unaware of the controversy surrounding him.

Note: the intro commercial is blank – the video will resume when it ends.


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36 thoughts on “Dog Bite Stops Mail Delivery to LA Neighborhood: Residents Outraged”

  1. Why do they have to give up their dog AND leave the neighborhood? And what an overreaction on the part of the postal service. I know that bites happen to postal workers but I’ve never heard of them suspending mail to an entire community before.

    I wonder what the circumstances surrounding the bite were.

  2. I find it sad that the family knows Braxton doesn’t respect the mail carrier yet continued to allow the dog to be outside….now the dog has to be removed from the only home he’s known as well as the family who loves him.
    No one should be bitten or knocked down by a dog. The mail carrier has every right to be afraid and to be perfectly honest, I would be upset at having to pick up my mail. Braxton’s family should have shown respect for the carrier…..those poor kids now have to suffer the loss of their boy.

  3. I’m surprised they haven’t said what the circumstances were. Was the dog loose? It looks like the mailbox is right on their house rather than out further. Did the mail person walk into a yard with the dog tied up or loose in a fenced in yard? I personally think the post office is going WAY overboard here. The dog’s not even staying at the house now but they still refuse to deliver mail.

    That little girl crying at the end breaks my heart. God I hate people.

  4. Ignorant pet owner, ignorant postal service, and ignorant neighbors. The depth of the stupidity of this situation is endless. #1, action should be taken against the post office for stopping delivery in the entire neighborhood. #2, I don’t care how good the dog is with the kids, it is a fact that her dog bit and knocked down the mail carrier. Control your dog so your stupidity does not end up having the dog put down by court order. #3, anyone knocking on the family’s door threatening the family and spewing profanity should be arrested.

  5. Lets assume the dog did bite the mail man’s finger…. Lets assume it drew blood and hurt like hell and caused her to have 25 stitches. That is horrible and likely not the case but lets assume it is. Why can’t the postal service do the rational thing and refuse to deliver mail to the home that houses the vicious dog (if infact it is a vicious dog and the mail man did not just have it coming. Why should an entire neighborhood get cut off from mail delivery due to 1 irresponsible pet owner? Just cut off that stop on the route. How hard is that???


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