Dog Breaks Up Domestic Attack

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A Florida man was well on his way to killing his father until the family dog joined in the brawl and broke up the fight.

Twenty-three-year-old Michael David Bari got into an argument with his fifty-four-year-old father about money mid-Thursday morning.  Bari heaved him to the floor and put him in a chokehold.  His father gasped for air and flailed about.  The fight moved into the kitchen, and back into the living room where it began.  Bari continued to keep his father in a stranglehold.

A man named Christopher Peeples heard the struggle, and rushed to help.  He attempted to pull Bari away, but was unable until the family dog stepped in.

The brindle pit bull, distressed by the violence, bit those involved, causing Bari to cease his assault.  Bari then fled from the apartment.

Though it is unfortunate the dog had to bite all he perceived to be attacking, his instincts kept the older man from being killed.

Michael David Bari





10 thoughts on “Dog Breaks Up Domestic Attack”

    • Tear was for his friend that was stabbed. To death…my son never commited murder…and the family pitbull is safe…well loved..and happy…

  1. Good Dog for protecting his family and making the right choice. I’ll take that beautiful dog any day in my home.

  2. Our pets love us unconditionally and put their lives in danger to protect us. This is what happen with this pitty. When are we going to stop prosecuting the breed. This dog should receive a metal for saving a life. When a animal is protecting the owner they should not be label mean. If anyone attacked my pets I would do what ever it took to save them/. I love my dogs unconditionally also. Good dog, prosecute the boy not the dog.


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