Dog Called Radar and His Kitty Best Friend Frank Need a Forever Home Together!

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In life, it’s said that when it comes to who you love, you just know.  And that’s what you have with the fabulous foster duo Radar and Frank.  Currently, they’re fostered together through the Riley County Humane Society (RCHS), and the pair of them interacting together is just too cute!  If you are in the market for an adoption, check these two out!

Let’s see what RCHS has to say about Radar:


Radar is a special needs Border collie mix.  He is around 5 years old and weighs 50 lbs.  He has a gorgeous medium length coat.  Radar is very sweet and affectionate and will melt into you for pets.  He would LOVE to be able to sleep in bed with you.  He does very well with cats and his best buddy is Frank, his feline foster brother, who is very affectionate with Radar.

He has not done well with the other dogs he has met in our program and he is very leash reactive when he sees other dogs out on walks.  Although he really enjoys walks he would do best with the option of a backyard while he works more on his leash manners.


Radar loves to play tug of war and chase toys.  He is pretty vocal when he plays and can be nippy, though he is pretty easily re-directed by giving him a toy to keep his mouth occupied.  Radar has never shown any aggression with people but the nipping during playtime would be a hazard for small children. Although we do not recommend Radar live with kids, he may do just fine with well supervised visits with young relatives etc.

Radar cannot be crated because he has had seizures in the past.  They are well controlled with medication currently.  He has done just fine being gated in a mud room.  After taking a couple of weeks to figure out a potty routine he does seem to be well potty trained now.


He is a medium energy dog and does just fine with a couple of short walks a day, he is perfectly content to sleep with his cat friend for most of the day.  He is extremely routine oriented and very food motivated and will do anything for a treat once he understands what you’d like him to do.

Radar is missing one eye.  The vet thinks that it was surgically removed but not closed well.  His foster mom rinses it with eye wash once a day to make sure he doesn’t collect any debris where he shouldn’t. He tolerates this just fine.


Radar has a couple of other medical issues that are not significant problems for him right now but may end up needing to be addressed down the road.  Radar is a very good boy looking for a big-hearted family to call his own.

We adopt anywhere in the US but require approved adopters to meet the dog before taking him/her home, which usually requires a trip to Manhattan, KS.  In some cases we are able to meet people out of state.  Our application is here: our adoption fee is $150 for adults.  We are a foster based program and we do require approved applications before setting up meetings between adopter and foster.


If anyone would like to sponsor Radar’s care we do have a guardian angel option here: