Dog Causes Owner’s Car to Crash into Pet Grooming Shop

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Most pets don’t like going to the vet and when they realize their at the vet’s office, they want to hide or run away. This North Carolina Schnauzer had a similar reaction last time she was taken to the groomers, but instead of running away, the pet accidentally made her owner crash into the building, condemning it.


Ingrid Zeiffer, Soffie’s owner, had planned to take the pet to Sheila’s Grooming Shop near Denver, N.C. The dog was riding in the car leashed, but when the pet saw the building and recognized the place, she jumped into her owner’s lap then rushed to her owner’s feet.

Zeiffer was driving and when Soffie jumped to her feet the dog landed on the driver’s right foot putting pressure on the car’s accelerator. The pet owner couldn’t get the dog off her foot, and the car, along its passengers, ended up crashing into the grooming shop. The building was knocked off its foundation making it unsafe for anyone to be inside.

Police officers are not charging Zeiffer with reckless driving but they hope next time the pet is driven to the grooming shop, Soffie rides safely inside a crate.