Dog Comes Up With Interesting Way of Dealing With a House Full of Small Children

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For those that have children, (human, not dog) it’s no secret that when you have one they are a lot of work.  When you have a few, things can become almost unmanageable in a matter of seconds.  So, what is one to do when they find themselves faced with a house full of young kids that make getting any beauty rest impossible?  Just follow this dog’s plan.

When this random dog started coming onto this woman’s property, she could tell by the look of him that this was no stray.  He was well fed, had a collar, and looked to be in good health, if a bit exhausted.  She would pat the dog on the head, but then when she turned to go inside, the dog would follow her into the house and do something a bit odd.

The dog wasn’t begging for food, or anything like that.  The dog would just walk to the end of the hall in her home, and fall asleep.  He’d sleep there for about an hour or so, get up and go to the door.  The woman would let him out, and he would disappear until the next day.  He would return, every day, and come in to sleep then go home.

The woman’s curiosity eventually got the better of her, and after this happened a few days in a row she decided that she would write a little note and pin it to the dog’s collar.  Maybe, someone would see it and be able to tell her what the heck was going on here.  In the letter she wrote:

“I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful, sweet dog is, and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.”

When the dog returned the next day, there was indeed a response pinned to the collar, but what the note said was something that makes this dog just beyond genius.  The note read:

“He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3.  He’s trying to catch up on his sleep.  Can I come with him tomorrow?”

So, according to this dog, when one needs to get away from it all and just have a nap, a random, kind-looking stranger’s hallway could be EXACTLY the “getaway” you’ve been looking for!

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