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Dog Comforts Kitten Buddy During Scary Storm

by Fred

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It is not at all uncommon for pets to become anxious and scared during noisy thunder storms.  There’s an entire industry that is dedicated to making products to de-stress your pets during storms and such.  However, as Reddit user YungDemon found out one day, you don’t always need to buy something to help your pets.

7.22.15 - thunder buddies1

When the Reddit user returned home during a storm not long ago, he came upon something he was not at all expecting.

7.22.15 - thunder buddies2

His roommate’s dog was hanging out in his bed, alongside his kitty cat buddy.

7.22.15 - thunder buddies3

The cat was very scared, so the dog decided that he would cuddle up with him, and let him know he was safe.  What an amazing dog!