Dog Couple: Road Tragedy in China

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A new video from China provides a bittersweet example of dog devotion unlike anything we’ve seen since the world famous tsunami survivors.

Be warned that this is difficult to watch and may very well leave you wrecked – there were more than a few tears in this keyboard last night. A translation is provided by the videographer:

Time: 7:30 am
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, line 2.5

In the middle of the street… one was already dead… but the other was still waiting stubbornly, not taking one step away…

In the traffic, he already tried hard to move his lover’s barely warm body closer to the sidewalk…

Looking at the fast moving cars, but still desperately protecting his lover’s body… maybe he wanted to wake up and bring back the life he was enjoying and playing with only couple minutes ago?

Different from human, animals express their love and affection more directly, he hugged, licked his wife, her body was still soft at that time… maybe he thought he could have saved her…

In this distant angle of the video: I gave him a sausage, he took a bite and tried to stuff it into her mouth… I gave him some water, he quickly drank a mouth full and fed it to his wife… his lover did not move, he disappointedly laid down resting his head on her… his eyes were full of sadness… in this era of rapid development, how many animals died of road kills… How many animals became the victims of human modern civilization…

When people captured a man carrying his wife during the earthquake, people praised him being faithful… but what about this little dog in the fast moving cars, using his soft body to protect his lover? There are no distinction of “rich” and “poor”, “high-level” and “low-level” when it comes to emotions. We have the same feelings, only we do not understand them… or don’t care to understand them… We chose a farm home, in the backyard under a tree, dug down a foot deep, he waited aside, watched us buried his lover….

17 thoughts on “Dog Couple: Road Tragedy in China”

  1. It’s always hard to watch something like this, and people namely dog lovers do tend to read a bit more into something like this than what is in actuality going on.. I have been a dog breeder for many, many years and right now I’m caring for some very old one’s and I know that I’m going to loose them sometime, I have already lost two in the last couple of months. It’s very hard and I cry for several day’s when I loose one, but I know that the others are depending on me to continue so I must. It’s hard but has to be done.

    I hate to burst everybodys bubble, but the girl dog (dead one) is in heat, and the one that looks like he’s trying to rescue her is in actuality trying to breed her.. Although there are cases that in fact show what everybody is feeling is so, case in point in Washington State several months ago there was a pair of dog’s on a very busy Freeway and one was trying to drag the other one off of the busy lane, the other one was still alive, but couldn’t get up. It probably had it’s hip broken from the looks of it..

    I feel for the dogs, knowing that China has a different out look on dogs, how fortunate it is that there was a nice lady who at least tried to help the boy dog.. So many would just leave it alone and just let the live dog get hit also.

    • Ick, why are you breeding dogs and advertising it on this page? Please stop breeding now and donate your freed up time to helping homeless shelter dogs find homes.

      • I agree wholeheartedly! We don’t need breeders – we need keepers. There are so many wonderful dogs needing homes. So many people only want a puppy while it’s “cute” and when it grows up it becomes a “nuisance” and gets thrown away for the next “fashionable” dog. I beg you T. Porter to STOP breeding. Do you know where all your puppies are? Do you know how they are all being treated? I doubt it.

      • I an not advertising any dogs, and I quit breeding several years ago.. Note that I said that I used to breed dogs in my posting I do not breed any more.. I only bred 4 litters at the time and I’m in contact with every one of the people who has one of my dogs, I also am a very responsible breeder and since times have become so hard on people I have taken back several of my pups that I bred plus dogs from other breeders who would not or had passed away and there was no family to take their dogs.. So before you criticize me for breeding you need to get the facts straight. Fortunately my breed of dog doesn’t show up in humane societies very often and when they do they are quickly taken by the Breed clubs rescue group. Then the breeder is contacted if known and given the opportunity to take the dog back (which most responsible breeders do) or they will do everything to place the dogs in a forever home.. We do not add to the problem of over population of dogs we are very conscious of quality, genetic purity and health. You need to go after the puppy mills who breed for profit and don’t care about the health of the parents or the puppies they just what the money!! They don’t care about the health of the dogs they just want the dollar. Unfortunately the poor unsuspecting people who purchase these dogs from pet shops pay for the profit by getting unhealthy sickly puppies with genetic deficiency often they die at a young age which is very hard on the owner.. Then there are the people who just let their dogs run loose that are not spayed or nutered, they breed and have puppies and guess where those unwanted puppies go? Yep the shelters.. People need to get a grip on their own animals. I strongly feel that anybody who let’s their dog run loose is the lowest of the low, the animals only do what is natural, it’s the owners fault for not taking the necessary steps to prevent unwanted puppies.

        If people will stop buying pet shop puppies it will make a huge dent in the puppy mills profits. Then maybe just maybe we the consumer can stop some of the atrocities of puppy mills..

    • I do not mean to sound rude on this but Yes point taking that could be the case, but i have also seen where one dog is injured on the side of the road or in fact anywhere and the other companion would not leave, and would try to make the other move to saftey, It is not just China that has a different out look on dogs, even here where we live people have a different outlook on dogs.. just like you and I, I see dogs as family, companions, a best friend that you never have to question if you can trust them or not… and it seems to me you see them as income… and it is people like you that cause so many to be in shelters.. So i am sorry I do not respect your opinion at all.

  2. OMG I am crying so hard I can’t breathe. I feel horrible for these 2. I hope someone took him home and will give him a loving life and spoil him. He is more devoted than anyone human I have ever seen. My dog died earlier this month while I was at work of a seizer (the vets believe) and my other dog was home with him she still goes over to where I found him looking for him. I think of him every second of the day and still cry often but when I see her missing her big brother it hurts more.

  3. R.I.P little one, to her husband I am so sorry for your loss. She knew you loved her dearly and you will meet again at the Rainbow bridge she will be there waiting for you with my dog Royler. He will take good care of her until you get there, he loves everyone and all animals so I know she will be ok while she waits for you.

  4. I have got to agree…..I knew it from the very beginning. It was a male dog attempting to breed the dead female. They were together and she just happened to get hit. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to fiqure this one out. Sorry folks. If she was spayed and he neutered she may be alive today.

    • Boy you hit that nail head..

      Please people! SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! It’s the only solution to the over population problem.. It’s not the pure bred breeders who are the problem but the PUPPY MILLS & PET SHOPS THAT SUPPORT THEM!! and the people who do not take care of their own..

  5. Like I have always said, animals have the most love and devotion no matter what, It is some humans that need to take lessons from animals so they can figure it out…

  6. My question here is why someone is standing around taking a video instead of moving BOTH animals OFF THE STREET? Sure it’s poignant, but this is not art, this is a real situation where a live animal is in danger.


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