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Dog Cruelly Painted Pink and Abandoned in the Streets Has Been Rescued

by Adrea

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(Picture Credit: CEN/VKontakte)

Locals were appalled at the site of a white dog that had been dyed pink and left in the streets of the central Russian city of Izhevsk, in Udmurt Republic, and reported it to animal welfare authorities. Further outrage catapulted when photos surfaced on social media, sparking a police investigation.


(Picture Credit: CEN/VKontakte)

“I got the information about the dog from witnesses in our group on social media,” volunteer Vera Ivanova told The Metro. After locating the dog, she approached carefully and was able to get him into her car and to a local dog shelter for care.

“The dye is slowly washing off,’ Vera said. ‘The dog visually looks healthy, but it has been vomiting. Maybe this is due to the fact that it was recently dyed.”

Local media has reported the police are now searching for those who are responsible.  The perpetrators may face animal cruelty charges once located.

(Picture Credit: CEN/VKontakte)