Dog Dad Has the Sweetest Reunion With His Missing Baby at a Pet Adoption Event

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Daisy had been missing since Thanksgiving from her Jacksonville home.  Her family searched for her all over, but she just never seemed to turn up.  Well, at an adoption event taking place with many rescue groups in attendance, Daisy and her family were reunited.

The Mega Pet Adoption Event going on in Jacksonville had many rescues there, and there was a website that had been setup specifically dedicated to what would be going on.  Someone who is a babysitter for Daisy’s family had been surfing the site, and actually saw a picture of Daisy on it!  When she saw the dog, she called the family right away telling them the event was going on right then, and Daisy was there.

Jennie Clutterbuck, one of the workers at the shelter Daisy had been staying at was there for the reunion.  She recalled walking by Daisy’s, or Sophia as the shelter workers had taken to calling her, kennel and noticing how remarkably sad she was.  Clutterbuck said the shelter was a scary place for Daisy, and was so happy that she’d be back with the people who love her.

As of last night (Saturday 12-17-2016), a total of 575 animals have been adopted out at the event.