Dog Faints with Excitement at Reunion with Family Member

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7.25.14 - Dog Passes Out with Excitement1

Rebecca Ehalt had been gone for two years, “which in fairness is 14 years in dog years,” she explained.  Her mini Schnauzer Casey was so overjoyed to see her that she passed out with excitement at their reunion.

7.25.14 - Dog Passes Out with Excitement2

Ehalt says she was “living and working in Slovenia, and didn’t return home to Murrysville, PA last year, because her whole family (except Casey) came to Bled [her home in Slovenia] for her wedding.”

7.25.14 - Dog Passes Out with Excitement3

The video has quickly gone viral, with many commenters sarcastically shouting abuse, but others were more concerned that Casey has a medical issue that needs to be addressed.

“Casey was taken to the vet, the vet saw the video, and everything is fine,” Ehalt said.  “No worries.”



9 thoughts on “Dog Faints with Excitement at Reunion with Family Member”

  1. My dog sometimes gets overly excited and she also will pass vet has given her a clean bill of health……sweet can tell the dog is loved and loves them deeply

  2. That was so cute. My dogs go nuts like this too when I come home. It just means that they no they are important to us and that they are family.

  3. Funny my spaniel ignores me totally the first few minutes when i have been gone several days..then once settled on the couch she is all over me bringing her teddies and toys to play ..once that is done she rests over my tummy and stares forever and stays put for hours in her eyes……………………and mine.

    • Oh my goodness, that’s not good.. Lol. Let’s just hope he doesn’t dislocate his tail again if he gets overly excited

  4. Thought that was sweet and they had the dog checked by a Vet. My husband and I went away on vacation for a week and left our dogs at a luxury Pet Resort. When we returned our 4 year old Old English Bulldog didn’t care, she wanted to go to the pool. Our 3 year old rescue American Bulldog/ Mastiff just ran to me, kept kissing me and jumping on me for over 10 minutes, then he said hi to his dad quickly. My poor hubby was sad. 🙂

  5. The way that the father handled the little puppy, and her gentleness was nice. I never see dogs handled gently, except mine. A thought did come up in my head though. This video isn’t bad because the dog was just happy, but why do we laugh when they are in pain, etc. What I mean is, when we would not laugh at a human doing it, why do we laugh at them? It is totally lacking in respect. These are things I’m asking myself lately. I am trying to respect them because it is obvious, science is on the edge of discovering that they are equal to us in feelings and language and most everything else. Doesn’t take much of a brain to figure that one out.


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