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Dog Falls Down Old Well and Canadian Firefighters Rescue Him

by Katherine

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A dog from Winkler, Manitoba, never expected to fall 24.6 feet down an old well, but while he slept on top of the well’s cover, the old and rotten wooden top gave way trapping the dog in a dangerous situation. Its owner called local firefighters after he couldn’t reach and rescue his dog.

“I guess the dog is used to sleeping on top of the well and I guess the cover on it rotted away and it went for a fall,” Winkler Fire Chief Richard Paetzold told CBC Canada News.


It was a good thing the owner called for help because the air quality in the well was very poor. If the pet owner had attempted to go down the shaft, he could have easily suffocated.

Firefighters used an air pump to circulate the air in the well and a rescuer wearing a breathing mask was lowered to rescue the dog.

When the pet saw his rescuer, he was more than willing to jump in the cot and be hoisted out of the well.

The dog didn’t suffer any injuries and the well is once again safely sealed.