Dog Fighting Victim Rescued by Good Samaritan

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A Tuscon woman says she was shocked when she happened upon a Craiglist ad that simply read, “Found: pit bull with recent leg cut off.”

Troubled by what she read, Mary (last name undisclosed) responded to the ad, met the people who had found the dog, and was horrified when she saw the condition he was in. She rushed the pit bull to Acacia Animal Hospital for emergency surgery, hoping that it was not too late to save the suffering animal.

That decision probably saved Boo-boo, aka “Chocolate Boy’. Scarred by countless dog fighting injuries, he was missing part of his leg, severely underweight, had multiple fractures, and had 6 or 7 gun pellets lodged in his flesh. Clearly tormented, the weakened dog was running out of time.

Now, thanks to Mary, time is on his side as Chocolate Boy begins the healing process. Ten days ago, Dr. Marc Laudonio says he was half his ideal weight. He also said it was painfully obvious that the dog’s missing foot was not surgically removed. Laudonio, owner of Acacia Animal Hospital, said, “There is a belief that leg had been mauled so severely that it was just flopping around, that someone cut it off.”

Chocolate Boy’s wounds have been cleaned and tended to, and he’s already gained 4 pounds. Acacia Animal hospital employee Brendan De Smet says the dog has suffered physically and emotionally, but is quick to point out that his spirit remains intact. “Now it’s our job to make sure good medicine is practiced, then we’ll have good people offering foster care, and then have a great person giving him a forever home.”

If you’d like to help with Chocolate Boy’s vet expenses, please contact Acacia Animal Hospital at 520-308-4225, or visit their website at

12 thoughts on “Dog Fighting Victim Rescued by Good Samaritan”

  1. Mary you are a true hero. Thank you so much for saving this boy. There needs to be more Mary’s out there. I bet Santa is going to be extra good to you this year. If anyone deserves it it’s you !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say thank you enough.

  2. The people who found him and put him on Craiglist weren’t too bright. They should have taken him to the vet. Thank you to Mary who did rescue and take this poor dog to the vet. I know that those responsible for this will not be caught but I wish that they would.

  3. This just breaks my heart! This poor little guy must have been in excruciating pain and agony.

    I grew up in Tucson and I am familiar with this veterinary hospital. Mary (the Good Samaritan) is an amazing woman and I want to thank her for having the courage to answer the ad to save this little guy.

    I hope this pup gets the forever home he so richly deserves!

  4. I am so happy this little boy was rescued and helped by such a good samaritan!!! I only wish that many many more people woudl become aware of crap like this that is being done to poor innocent animals for no other reason then to win money and make bets and to treat these poor innocent animals like SHIT, Because (excuse my language again) ASSHOLES like whoever did this to this baby just do it to get thier jollies out of watching innocent beings get hurt and or killed. Who knows people like this they say start with animals and then go onto hurting children and could even go on to be worse and just hurt human beings for no other reason then the thrill of it all!! I wish I was alloed dogs where I live because if I was I woudl love to help a baby like this and give a home to them if I was allowed to have a dog where I live (But unfrotunetly I am not)!!! I just hope someone takes in this baby and gives him a great rest of his life where he is no longer tormented for fun but is only treated with love and respect for the rest of his life!!! GOOD LUCK baby will be praying and thinking of you 🙂

  5. Poor thing, he still has that terrified look in his eyes! This should go away with lots of love and care

  6. What happened to his eyelids?!? The intake photos showed them inflamed and with growths, scabs, or something else lining them. Now the poor little guy can’t properly close his eyes, or even lower his upper eyelids. Fighting, maiming, torturing… There’s only one word to describe all that was done to this dog: Evil.

    Oh, if only I could bring him home…


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