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Dog Follows Owner, Hops on Bus and Gets Lost

by Katherine

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A friendly dog from Lima, Peru, is looking for his owner after he somehow hopped on a bus and got lost, but lucky for him, a kind woman named Aidé Montero, noticed the lost and confused pet and decided to help him.

Photo Credit: Ruby Bautista Juarez @RUBYBAUTI/Twitter
Photo Credit: Ruby Bautista Juarez @RUBYBAUTI/Twitter


Commuters believe the dog got on the bus following his owner, but probably lost track of his master in the commotion of rush hour. When the pet got off the bus, quite a few stops later, he had no idea where he or his master was. Completely disoriented, he was at the mercy of anyone else willing to help him.

People on the bus and at the bus station took pictures of the friendly dog and posted it to Twitter, but it was Montero who decided to look after the pet.

Photo Credit: Joanna Castro @Joannita26/Twitter

Veterinarian Eduardo Rondón examined the dog and told RPP News the pet is in good health.

When found, the canine was wearing just a flea collar, something that tells his rescuers the four-legged commuter is a loved and probably missed house pet. The lack of ID tags is making it difficult to reunite him with his owner.

For now the dog waits at a foster home for his owners to claim him, but Montero is more than willing to adopt the dog herself.

Photo Credit: Joanna Castro @Joannita26/Twitter


Here is hoping this traveling canine finds his way back home. If he doesn’t, at least his guardian angel (Montero) will look after him for the rest of his canine life.