Senior Dog Found Almost Completely Frozen Solid Is Saved

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In Burrillville, Rhode Island a dog was found out on the streets by a good Samaritan, and she was nearly frozen solid.  Thanks to Toni Liberatore, this elderly dog lives to see another day, and is in a much warmer and safer place for the moment.

Elsa, as she’s now called, was clinging to life by a thread when she was found and brought to animal control.  Liberatore couldn’t believe the dog was actually still alive.

“She was like holding an ice cube to my body. She was frozen. She was pretty much in and out,” Liberatore said. “She couldn’t hold her own head up.  She was extremely emaciated, I could feel every bone in her body.”

Liberatore would never have even seen the dog if she hadn’t been out walking her own.

“I came outside to walk my own dog yesterday morning. And there was a truck parked down the road and she kept trying to crawl underneath it. So as my friend was leaving for work I told him to bang on the hood of his truck because there might be a cat under there,” Liberatore said.

When Liberatore called animal control to check on Elsa, she was told it took many hours of heating pads and tons of fluids to even get Elsa to register a temperature on a thermometer.  There wasn’t a whole lot of hope for her at this point.

After getting some much needed emergency medical attention, her condition is improving, but she’s far from out of the woods as of yet.  She’s believed to be either 13 or 14 years old, and along with being nearly frozen solid, she has a host of other medical issues as well.

“It wasn’t just the dog being out for a night. That was a long time of abuse,” said Liberatore.

Elsa has been transported to the Northern Rhode Island Animal Hospital where she is in stable condition.  Anyone with information on this dog is asked to contact Burrillville Animal Control @ 401-568-9480.


1.4.15 - Elsa

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      • Hypothermia is a long way off from nearly frozen solid. The author should have presented facts rather than trying to elicit an emotion that causes people to jump to conclusions. Here are some facts: 1) the dog escaped the home unbeknownst to the owner (the dog was not left outside as some people assume) 2) as soon as the owner realized the dog was missing he began his search for her (a friend alerted him to where the dog was after seeing the pics on FB) 3) the claims of emaciation were made by a person who has no knowledge of italian greyhounds and what they are supposed to look like. IGs are naturally slender, and it is unhealthy for them to carry the excess body weight that would be necessary for them to look like most non-sight hound breeds. 4) the nails were on the long side, but again as seen in the photos released by the animal hospital were not growing around into her pads as the rescuer claimed. 5) she did have plaque build up on her teeth, but that is affected the fact that she has a high grade heart murmur and cannot be put under for a dental. 6) the vets and animal control have all said that their is no evidence of neglect or any abuse having been committed 7) this dog is involved in a custody dispute over a formerly married couple and the protest was organized by friends of the party who was not awarded the dog by the court.

    • Get your facts straight before assuming this was a case of neglect and crucifying the owner. Read Jessica’s response to an Anonymous poster above. Thanks.


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